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Hi! and welcome to my blog!

My name is Brooke Wood and I am a self taught makeup artist from the Warner Robins, Georgia area. I first fell in love with makeup in 9th grade when I was in shows for the Northside theater department (troupe 2892-woot woot!)! My fellow cast mate's would come up to me and ask if I would do their makeup for our shows, I enjoyed it so much I would show up an hour early just to do makeup for others! When I first started doing makeup for shows I had no idea that you could make a career out of it and never even considered the possibilities that could come from it. I believe God does things in everyone's lives that baffle us and we have no idea where to go with the road that he has put us on but it's our job to pick ourselves up and run full speed ahead to whatever destiny he has waiting! Becoming a makeup artist wasn't my original plan in life (I wanted to become a nurse! lol) but for right now it's what I LOVE and am passionate about. I can't wait to see where God takes me with this and I'm excited to have all of you on the ride with me! : )

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