Tuesday, March 6, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colours - The Hunger Games nail polish swatches

Hey guys! So I'm sure most of you know about a little book series called The Hunger Games, if not I highly advise you to check them out! They are some of the best books I've read in a while! I actually read the back of the book and thought it sounded boring but ended up buying it on my kindle since it was only 5 bucks, needless to say I was wrong and couldn't put it down! The movie is coming out on March 23rd (Woot Woot!) and is expected a hot one for the box office this year! In conjunction with the movie coming out, Lionsgate and China Glaze teamed up to bring you Capitol Colours. This collection has been drama filled, from not being able to decide to do "character" themed names or "Capitol" names to not even releasing the collection period. In the end this collection of 12 is named after Districts 1-12 (not including the actual Capitol) and based on what each District is responsible for. I myself purchased 8 of the 12 polishes and that's what I'm going to show and describe to you below. I'm also going to include the original "character" themed names, which I personally prefer. lol. So let's get started!

  • Smoke and ashes (originally "Fight to the Finish") - District 12 (Mining)
This one is basically a black but has tiny blue and green sparkles suspended throughout. This was originally named "Fight to the Finish" because it was based on the night sky the tributes looked up to every night while in the arena. Since you couldn't really see from the swatch that it had the sparkle I added the last picture so you can (kind of) see them. This applied great and was opaque in one coat but I did two just out of habit.   

  • Agro  (originally "We could Runaway) - District 11 (Agriculture)
This polish is a really nice and unique olive green. It honestly looks a lot better on the nails then is does in the bottle. It was originally named after the woods that Gale and Katniss hunt in. The application is a tad bit streaky but is opaque after two coats, In the swatch I did three. Metallic finish.

  • Foie Gras (Originally Rebel) - District 10 (Live Stock)
Originally inspired by Gale, is a really nice taupe color. This one is easily "dupable", OPI You don't know Jaques is practically identical and is part of their permanent collection so don't worry if you can't get your hands on this one. This applies nicely and was opaque in two coats. Creme Finish.

  • Harvest Moon (Originally Cinna-mon) - District 9 (Grain)
Originally named after the eyeliner Cinna is described to be wearing in the books. It's a nice true bronze color and has a metallic effect on the nails. It was opaque in two coats and is one of my favorites from the collection! Metallic Finish.

  • Dress me up (Originally Primrose) - District 8 (Textiles)
The original name is based off of the character Primrose and it's easy to see why they would have based it off of her. It is a soft muted rose color that was opaque in two coats. Creme finish.

  • Fast Track (Originally Catnip) - District 6 (Transportation)
This one has a gorgeous beige base with flecks of gold throughout. (LOVE this one). It was originally named "Catnip", which is Katniss's nickname. Opaque in two coats. Satin like finish.

  • Riveting (Originally Fire in Flight) - District 3 (Technology)
Out of all of the colors this is the brightest of the bunch and originally named after the flaming mockingjay. It kind of has a gel like finish and is a pretty sparkly orange. Opaque in two coats. Gel like finish.

  • Luxe and Lush (originally Flaming Gems) - District 1 (luxury)
Last one! lol. This is a flaky polish! Essie and Zoya also makes one but the Essie one doesnt really show up on light colors vs this one which does. Originally named after Katniss's interview dress, this is a color to be applied on top of other colors to give a fun effect! Below I put it over Dress me up and then over Foie Gras. 

Over "Dress me up"
Over "Foie Gras"


Overall I really loved this collection, obviously since I bought 8 of them (haha). I feel like most of these are very unique and a little cheaper then OPI and Essie. I purchased all of these from Sallys Beauty Supply. The colors I decided to skip out on are:
  • Hook and Line - Grey with a slight grey undertone. Metallic finish.
  • Stone Cold - Sparkly deep grey (almost black). Matte finish.
  • Mahogany Magic - True mahogany color (in my opinion a "poop brown") lol. Satin Finish
  • Electrify -  Orange and yellow glitter suspended in a clear base.

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  1. I need Primrose and Catnip ASAP!
    I've finished all three of the books and am absolutely dying for the movie!
    I even did their website assignment program and I got District 8 as a Designer (How fitting!).
    Lovely reviews! Must go get those two polishes!

  2. I can't wait for March 23rd!! Remember they changed the names so those two polishes are fast track and dress me up now. : )