Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Glam Bag!

I did it! I cancelled! While the April bag was (somewhat) better than the March bag (of course you couldn't go anywhere but up from it) I decided that my ten bucks would be better spent elsewhere. It always scares me to cancel these things just out of fear that the next bag will be amazing but I (and a ton of others) are just fed up! The very first Glam Bag was amazing but the quality got worse every month, I don't like spending money on inconsistency so I decided to give Birchbox another chance. I would advice anyone to skip My Glam and look into other great monthly subscriptions! So for the last time, here is what I got in the April My Glam bag!

Urban Decay 24-7 pencil

 This was the best thing by far in the bag and the color is great! That being said, it doesn't make up for the rest of the bag!
These are probably the worst false lashes I have EVER seen! They are plastic and the band tat holds the lashes is a piece of string! No good! They remind me of those horrible fake lashes from Halloween stores.

So bad!!

More brushes! These brushes are not bad quality and I think it is a good idea to include brushes for those who don't have a lot. At the same time I don't think they should be in every bag taking the place of possibly a better product. It would be a good addition to every few bags but not everyone.

This is an okay product. It's very thick and has a really weird smell/taste. I'm really bad about wearing lip products at all to begin with so if I do it has to be a really good product and I've honestly only worn this once and already dislike it. Lip products are personal to begin with, some like sticky lip gloss and others hate it for example. I think some people would really like this but it just wasn't my thing.

And that was it! The bag felt empty just picking it up! I'm just going to end this post here as I've already told you all why I dislike the company. : ) Stay tuned next month for BIRCHBOX!!!! : )

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